The Brabham BT62

The Brabham BT62 has been designed and engineered to demand more from its driver. It is a car for those who want to challenge themselves and push themselves to experience driving in its purest form.

Using contemporary materials, processes and technologies, the Brabham BT62 is a mid-engined track car with power driven to the rear wheels via a rear-mounted race-spec transmission.

With a dry weight of just 972kg, the vehicle is incredibly light, and boasts a power-to-weight ratio of 730ps per tonne.

Power comes from a Brabham 5.4 litre V8 engine which produces 710ps (700bhp, 522kW) and 667 Nm (492 ft/lb) of torque.

With its performance-optimised body and aggressive aerodynamic package, the Brabham BT62 delivers over 1200kg of downforce.

Saving additional weight and with additive performance, brakes are carbon/carbon featuring 6-piston calipers front and rear.

Brabham Automotive has developed the BT62 as an exclusive racer limited to 70 cars using technology to enhance the driver experience, as opposed to controlling it by limiting driver involvement to the minimum.

The systems that are utilised by BT62 work with, rather than for, the driver, giving a unique experience.

The driver plays a far greater role in controlling the vehicle. There is a greater sense of reward rather than yet more speed and power being managed by electronics.


Dimensions Overall Length mm 4460
Overall width mm 1950
Height mm 1200
Wheelbase mm 2695
Front track mm 1649
Rear track mm 1597
Weight Kg 972
Weight Distribution 41% / 59% (Wet with driver)
Fuel tank capacity L 125
Engine Type Mid mounted longitudinal V8
Bore x Stroke mm 94×97
Total displacement cc 5387
Compression ratio 10.5:1
Maximum power 522 KW (700HP) @ 7400 rpm
Maximum torque 667Nm (492lb/ft) @ 6200 rpm
Tyres Front 27/65 R18
Rear 31/71 R18
Brakes Front Carbon on carbon
Rear Carbon on carbon