Owning a Brabham BT62 is just the beginning… Driven by a voracious appetite to succeed, every Brabham driver over the last seventy years – including Sir Jack Brabham himself – has extracted every ounce of performance from their cars, and themselves.  This winning mindset is what defines a Brabham driver.

The Brabham Driver Development Program will equip owners to explore and exploit the full performance potential of the sensational BT62 and join the exclusive ranks of Brabham drivers.
How well owners drive the BT62, and how much they gain from the experience, depends not only on their physical abilities, but also their emotional strength and mindset, both on and off the track.
David Brabham and his team of Brabham race engineers, drivers and mentors will work with owners to create a personalised plan which will give them the inspiration, motivation and confidence to push themselves to the limit.

On-vehicle data acquisition monitors and analyses driver and car performance to provide immediate feedback on progress.
Biometric and emotional monitoring enhances the development process, to achieve personal driving goals.
Each Brabham BT62 owner has a unique opportunity to learn directly from David Brabham, who has created a car that he wants to drive on the track. With over 35 years’ experience, Brabham BT62 owners will benefit from this experience, mastering how the car operates, handles and responds through the Brabham Driver Development Program which will challenge and reward owners in equal measures.

Each time a Brabham owner takes to the track they receive the full Brabham Racing Team experience. Wearing lightweight bespoke Brabham designed overalls and a racing helmet to match, Brabham owners will progress through the program to driving with racing slicks and downforce for higher cornering speeds.
This engagement through the program means that owners effectively become part of the test team, contributing to future vehicle development through their feedback during the program.
The Brabham Driver Development Program is designed for owners of all standards, ensuring that each owner receives a program which is dedicated to ensuring they become a better driver, and a driver who can get the most out of their Brabham BT62.