Video: Brabham BT62 concludes Australian testing at The Bend, before heading to Europe.

Continuing the story of the return of the Brabham name to automotive manufacturing, the current test phase of the stunning Brabham BT62 has been completed ahead of the car’s next evaluation sessions in Europe.

Multiple Le Mans winner and Brabham Automotive’s Managing Director, David Brabham, is leading a team of professional drivers to hone the BT62’s performance on track. In a new video released today, he’s seen pushing the car to its limits at The Bend Motorsport Park, during Brabham’s final day of dynamic testing in Australia, carried out in May.

Speaking at The Bend and reflecting on the BT62’s performance and character, David Brabham said, “The BT62 is incredibly responsive and rewarding to drive, and as a result, it’s very easy to feel at one with the car. The steering is very direct and does exactly what you want it to do. There’s a very wide window of grip and the confidence that the car gives you as a driver, even in the wet, is outstanding.”

The car’s responsiveness is a factor of its power-to-weight ratio and downforce. Weighing just 972kg, and with 710ps of power on tap, the BT62’s sleek form and aggressive aerodynamics produce over 1200kg of downforce, giving it a phenomenal turn of pace and superb handling around a circuit. Coupled with its direct feel and agility, the Brabham BT62 is a car that gives its driver the inspiration and confidence to push themselves to find new limits.

With this most recent test at The Bend concluding Brabham Automotive’s testing in the Southern Hemisphere, the program’s focus is now turning northwards, where the Brabham team will begin to dial the BT62 into European circuits.

Brabham Automotive’s Director of Engineering and Technology, Paul Birch, commented, “Our testing in Australia has proven what the BT62 is capable of in terms of performance, pace and handling – and it’s seriously impressive. As the program advances into Europe, we’ll continue to balance and optimise the car’s set-up and configurations for different driving styles, tracks and conditions.”

Brabham’s first stop in this next phase of testing will be the Algarve International Circuit at Portimao, Portugal, later this month.